March 2017 Newsletter

The February meeting of the CRBG was host at Andrew Messersmith’s shop.  He discussed some new ways of bringing blacksmithing to the masses over the internet and demonstrated the creation of Mokume-Gane using a stack of quarters.  The stack was first cleaned and then placed into a vice block to hold them together.  They were then heated evenly in a propane forge until the copper cores just lightly started to sweat.  A single solid blow from a heavy hammer was enough to set the weld.  He heated the stack again to near liquid and finished the welding process.  it was then forged thin and filed to expose multiple layers of nickel and copper in the billet.

The meeting also included a show and tell from Kent Hepworth who brought several examples of traditional  Chased , Repousse’ and Pierced lamps and candle stands.

The March meeting of the CRBG will be held this Sunday March 26th at 1:30 at the home forge.  Joe Babb will be demonstrating the creation and use of a twisting wrench.  After the demo,  guild members will be invited to make their own.

Don’t forget your safety glasses and closed toed shoes!