March 2016 newletter

sign-bracketWe had a great turn out for the February meeting with Max Fairchild demonstrating the general design concepts of a sign bracket and the use of a scroll form.   Max began with a discussion of laying out the pattern full size.pattern

Then we moved into the forge where Max began a penny roll by using a half-face blow on the edge of the anvil.


half-fac After completing the penny roll, Max showed the use of the scroll form.

using-scroll-formAnd then the final product.

finished-scrollMany thanks to Max for taking the time to give us a great demo.

Since Easter occurs on the last Sunday this month, our next meeting is March 20 at the home forge at 1:30pm.  We’re going to be discussing the purchase of a gas forge.  After that we’ll work on fire tools.

Another Open Forge will be held on Saturday April 9th at 1:00.  This is an opportunity for members to work on projects and learn the basics.

As always remember to wear your safety glasses.  This is required at all times in the forge area.  The guild has extra safety glasses if you forget your own.