June 2016 Newsletter

Many thanks to Bob Curnell for hosting our May meeting at his shop.  Thanks especially for the cookies and drinks.

Bob started off by giving everyone a piece of steel from an old farm implement and challenging us all to do something with it.  Bob plans on judging what you’ve done with it at this month’s June meeting.  So do your best and don’t forget.challenge







Bob uses a gas forge to heat metal.









He demonstrated several different kinds of twists that you can make using combinations of square and round bars.

Bob has a very handy support fixture to aid in keeping twists straight.


But things have a way of going wrong sometimes, so that’s when a wooden hammer is handy for straightening wayward twists.


Bob recruited Matt to help on a reverse twist.  These are always fun especially when you can do them in one heat.


Seems like no end to the variety of twists you can make and they add a lot to almost any piece of ironwork.  Many thanks again to Bob for hosting our rowdy bunch.  We had a fun iron-in-the-hat drawing.  Don’t forget your challenge piece for the June meeting, the 26th at the home forge.  1:30pm.