July 2016 Newsletter

The July Meeting of the CRBG was hosted at the Guild Forge.  The challenge Bob Curnell issued to members at the last meeting had many very nice entries and after a long deliberation Bob chose a beautifully produced twisted handle fork by Matt Sharpe.  He was awarded with 25 gold coins for his efforts.  Look forward to similar contests in the future.


The guild then moved to the forges to start working on the July project,  Which was a wrapped eye riveted throwing hatchet.  2016-07-04

The end results by one of our newest members,  Paul Williams.

The hatchet is made by first cutting out an L shaped piece from a portion of leaf spring.  We then stretched out the cheeks and beveled the blade.  Once completed the head was flipped around and a fuller line was ran down the length of what will become the eye of the hatchet.  The eye is then curled over onto itself and 3/4’s of an inch is pinched into place using a post vice.

2016-06-26 15.02.07 A hole is then drilled through both sides and a rivet is set to complete the forging.

This was the first time we got to run the new propane forge during a meeting and it behaved wonderfully.


Thanks to everyone who made it out.  I look forward to seeing the finished results and having a chance to give them a toss as we host the AACB during our July meeting on Saturday the 16th at 9:00am at House Mountain Baptist Church.  8621 Washington Pike, Corryton, Tn 37721  We will be demoing the making of the hatchet as well as discussing and showing off a small 2 brick propane forge made by Robert McMahon.  Afterwards we will have a hatchet throwing contest,  The Best Iron in the Hat of the Year,  and a Potluck lunch.