October Newsletter

October Newsletter of the Clinch River Blacksmith Guild


The October meeting of the CRBG was held at the home forge.

The demonstration by Andrew Messersmith was about the formulation of and uses for Super Quench.


​Andrew talked about the formula he’d used to mix his batch of Super Quench (and the bucket he uses to store his mixture), then forged two small chisels and quenched one in the usual water tank and one in the Super Quench. He then used each tool cold to mark a piece of stock metal, and compared the edge on the tool and the mark made to illustrate how the tool quenched in Super Quench kept its edge better than the conventional water-quenched chisel. The example on the left was quenched in regular water, and the example on the right was quenched in Super Quench.


water quench

Andrew also pointed out that using the blue dishwashing liquid would give a blue color to your tempered steel, and that Super Quenched steel would rust faster than normal if not washed and oiled as soon as possible.


​ Thanks, Andrew, for the excellent (and clean-smelling) demonstration!



The November workshop will be held on Saturday the 22nd at the home forge. Workshop starts at 9am, bring your lunch/drinks/hammers and whatever projects you’re currently working on – the workshop will be an unstructured open forge work day, so get ready to stretch your brain muscle while wearing out your arm muscles! Questions? Contact our fearless workshop leader Joe Babb


The regular November meeting will be held Sunday the 23rd starting at 1:30pm and hosted offsite at the home of Richard Suffrage. All CRBG and AACB members are welcome!



After a lot of CRBG business discussion at the January meeting, the guild officers would like to remind all members and visitors of the importance of following good safety practices in and around the shop – safety glasses and appropriate clothing and footwear are required – and all attendees should read and acknowledge the safety policy notice posted in the shop.


As part of our commitment to safety, all new and returning members will be asked, upon paying their membership dues, to sign a copy of our liability waiver to be kept on file. Visitors shall be asked to sign a “visitor” copy of the waiver on each visit. No persons under the age of 18 will be admitted without the presence of a legal guardian. And, lastly, a note that attendance of workshops is limited to paid members only. Visitors are welcome to observe our meetings and demonstrations.



Anyone interested in doing a demo or hosting a meeting at his home forge is encouraged to volunteer for a month of his choosing:


November 22nd Saturday – Workshop, Home Forge 9am

November 23rd Sunday – Meeting, Richard’s Forge 1:30pm

December 14th Sunday – Meeting/Holiday Party, Home Forge 1:30pm


Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to attend our regular meetings. Meetings are usually held the last Sunday of the month.

If you wish to attend, please contact any of these people for directions.



This newsletter and the emails of the recipients are to be considered private for use of the CRBG only.  Please don’t send emails of any other nature without the consent of the Addressee or Permission of the CRBG Board and membership. Reproduction of this newsletter also limited to legitimate club uses. Misspellings are added for character and to see if you are paying attention.f

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