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CRBG November Newsletter 2018

CRBG Newsletter November 2018

CRBG Newsletter November 2018

Our October meeting took an unusual turn, in that it consisted entirely of conversation and discussion….no demonstration.

Some of the topics discussed were:

a) using traditional techniques vs. more modern methods to get the job done quicker. (I think what got us started on this topic was the fact that the cast iron blower for the guild’s forge has a non-functioning motor.  So we started talking about whether to repair the old motor, find a new one with the same sized shaft, find a new motor with a different sized shaft and modify, or find a new blower entirely)  Sometimes, when bills need to be paid, a person needs to set aside some of the more traditional methods and just get the job done….without sacrificing final quality, of course.

b) There was a fair bit of discussion regarding the benefits of attending classes at such schools as John C. Campbell in NC.  (Brad did harp on about this, I’m sorry to say!)  This did get several of us seriously thinking about the subject, though, and some us will probably end up attending as a result….so thanks Brad!

The November meeting date is shifted from the usual last Sunday….it will be held on Sunday the 18th, 1942 Sulphur Springs Road, Clinton, TN at 1:30pm
At this meeting we hope to repair the above mentioned blower.  If anyone has a motor, or motor/blower combination, etc. that you wouldn’t mind donating/trading, please bring it along to the meeting.  We’ll try to patch something together and get it back up and running.

The December meeting will be held on Sunday the 16th, same location and time as above.
a) At this meeting, we will hold an “Iron in the Hat”. (a raffle, using items that are brought and donated by members….anything a blacksmith would desire to have will do)
b) Also at this meeting will be a gift exchange.  (Optional)  Gifts should be $15-20 value, and hand-made is preferred.
c) Also…food.  Please bring something to share.  More info. after the November meeting.

Let me mention our Facebook page.  Kyle Reynolds got the page up and running a few months ago, (thanks, Kyle!) and it’s a good place to share ideas and info.  I’m not a regular Facebook user, but I can see the benefit of such a space.  Go to Facebook, then search for “Clinch River Blacksmith Guild”.  You will submit a request to join the group, and should receive a response in a day or two.

Hope to see you on the 18th.

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