May 2017 Newsletter

The April Meeting of the Clinch river blacksmiths guild was hosted by Kent Hepworth.  We voted and approved the purchase on the of a large propane tank to be used to replace the 100lb tank currently utilized by the guild.  This will allow for a much easier time as refills are delivered and should only need to be done yearly.

Kent demonstrated the process of antiquing mild steel in a propane forge to give it an ancient appearance.  He also showed us the processes of Chasing, Repousse’ and Piercing he utilizes to create a candle cup.  this included a very interesting upsetting move to get the metal to turn up on its self to create the lip of the cup.  He provided the following template for those wanting to try it themselves.

Thanks to Kent and his Wife for being such fantastic hosts.

The May meeting of the CRBG will be held on Sunday May 28 at 1:30pm at Bob Curnell’s shop.  Bob always provides snacks and drinks as well as putting on a good demo. His address is 1902 Stardust Way, Walland, TN. This is easy to get to from US 411 via Prospect Rd. and Doc Norton Rd. Bob’s phone is 865 228 0109 if you get lost.  Remember that this is iron-in-the-hat month so bring something to donate and some cash for raffle tickets!

More information about the guild can be found at or by contacting the officers at

Work safe, wear your safety glasses.

Crbg officers