February 2017 Newsletter

The January Meeting of the CRBG was held at the home forge.  We discussed several items including possible workshop ideas for the coming year and additional projects.  We also welcomed many new members to the guild.

After the business meeting we headed to the forge where Andrew demonstrated forge brazing techniques for joining steel that may be too thin for forgewelding.

The brazing was completed by using recycled copper electrical wire and flux to fill in the small gaps between pieces of overlapping steel.  Taking a red heat to flux,  then fixing the wire along the gap you’re able to lay it back into the fire and take it up to a yellow heat at which point the copper melts and is pulled into the gap.

One of our new members, Vince, recreated the demo and videotaped it for Youtube.  You can see that video here https://youtu.be/GtmHuTAgYdw

The February meeting of the CRBG will be hosted at Andrews forge on Sunday February 26th at 1:30pm.  Address and directions can be found in the Members email.  He will be demonstrating the creation of Mokume Gane using quarters as stock.