August 2016 Newsletter

The July meeting of the Clinch River Blacksmiths Guild was a special one.  July is the month that we host the AACB  and enjoy a delicious PotLuck Lunch.  Our meeting was held once again at the House Mountain Baptist Church.  Special thanks to them for allowing us the use of their property and buildings.

The meeting started with a demonstration by Andrew Messersmith and Joe Pyle on the wrapped eye hatchets we had workshopped the month before.IMG_9975

After spreading the face and wrapping the eye we riveted it and finished a handle so the hatchet could be included in the Iron in the Hat.

Robert McMahon then demo’d a small propane forge.  This was a slightly modified version of one that the AACB had been producing kits for a year or two back.  Many expressed interest in the CRBG workshopping a similar design.


After Robert’s demo we used the hatchets we had made last month to hold a throwing contest.


Thanks to Joe Pyle for constructing the target.  Brad Greenwood took first place and won an extra 25 tickets to Iron in the hat.

Speaking of Iron in the hat,  it was held next and the spread this year was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  IMG_9974

The guild raised a substantial sum that will go back into making sure we have the supplies and tooling we need for the coming months.

Last but not least was lunch,  which was quite a feast.IMG_0039

Thanks to everyone who brought food it was all delicious.

Also Special things to Bud Lamonica from the AACB for coming down to visit us.

The next guild meeting is on Sunday August 28th at 1:30pm at the home forge.  Andrew and Joe will be demoing and workshopping punches and chisels for use in creating  decorative animal heads.

As always remember to wear your safety glasses.  This is required at all times in the forge area.  Stay safe,  We’ll see you on Sunday.